Ikeepgoingfor the good of us all

The good of myself

The god of my boredom

The falling down drunkenness of happy intoxication

The splatter of oneís guts on a wall

The only face I can remember

The one person who never left me behind

The thing on the side of a deaf manís face

The way out on the left

The right hand turn

The bliss of the blur of the spin

The best way to solve your problems

The huge jagged rocks that surprise you on your drift through the woods

The talent at the top

The muck at the bottom

The new and improved final solution

The cat getting out of the bag

The five fingers on our hands

Our lousy poison spewing generation of apathetical hate (like every generation)                   

                                                The sake of my own sake

                                                    The end of innocence

                                                        The earning of knowledge and truth

                                                    The clicking of mind into new shapes

                                                            The reapplication of the body and mind as one

                                                            The death of the winner and the loser

                                                    The spoils of war for those who deserve them

                                                The good part of the cow

                                                The fantasy of success

                                                      The bloody, bloody knuckles

                                                The tenser bandages