Sometimes the sound is like breaking glass.


When everything along the frayed edges turn inward and the man who runs the sky has forgotten himself and his place, then, my friends, then the hills are where we should head.


When the head janitor quits, itís a good idea to start evolving.

Ninth thumb! Sixth eye! Telekinesis on a quantum level! Transcendence through farting!


I am resisting the big come down.

I am paralyzed with boredom.

I can be easily anesthetized.

A square peg forced into a circular hole


Come down faster

Earn more pay

Finally make a difference

Sooth your nagging soul

Touch a leper

Clothe a sheep

Build a house

Burn an ant colony


Blades of grass

Running slowly to the sky


Shadowing the surgeon and belittling the nurse


Flicking and splitting and cutting the tops of the rifles down to size down to something we can believe it once again

Ebb and flow ebb and flow twiddling thumbs Ďtil itís time go


Run to and run away

Frame and persevere

The only lilies that ever bloom are the tough asshole motherfuckers who refused to die as they grew

Become hard! (Nietzsche rails with homosexual subtext)