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Holy Shit, it's...

Tarana Ding Dong... the Website!

Yes, yes it is. It's not much to look at, and we kinda like it that way. The nintieth issue (or thereabouts) is now available in various, slightly popular places across the world (success!).

The content found within is un-hilariously wrong and profoundly awful. You have been warned, them's the breaks. This is the abandoned station, motherfuckers!


Below are the back issues. Enjoy or die!


Late-winter glory is here with the March/April 2024 issue:

Let's crash into glory-laden pits with the Jan/Feb 2024 issue:

Mild winter can be glorious with the Nov/Dec 2023 issue:

Autumn glory is possible with the Sept/Oct 2023 issue:

Summer glory is strong in the July/August 2023 issue:


In terms of May/June 2023 issues, this is the glory you need:


For spring in your step glory, here's the Mar/Apr 2023 issue:


The Jan/Feb 2023 issue in its new, new, new year glory:

It's about snowflake-ish glory for the Nov/Dec 2022 issue:

Glory leaves are falling right onto this Sept/Oct 2022 issue:

Remember the summer glory memories with the July/Aug 2022 issue:


Stay cool with the hot glory of the May/June 2022 issue:

Don't worry, the 2022 March/April has your glory-like back:

 Start 2022 off with glory because this is the Jan/Feb issue:

End of year Nov/Dec 2021 issue with glory is ready:

Sept/Oct 2021 issue? Yes glory, it's right here:

It's time for the July/August 2021 issue of Delta glory apparently:



The way that hot spring glory hits, it must be the May/June 2021 issue:

Imagine a glory-laden March/April 2021 issue, because here it is:

A new year of 2021 glory starts with the January/February issue:

Just because glory is harder to come by in the cold (scientifically proven), you can still enjoy the Nov/Dec 2020 ish right here:


Don't let the glory of the Sept/Oct 2020 issue hit you on the way out:

A glory-ish reflection of the July/August 2020 issue:

Don't worry about the glory, it's still in the May/June 2020 issue:


The glory is wearing a face mask for the March/April 2020 issue:

t's top-shelf glory for the Janauary/February 2020 issue:

Here is the glory-laden Nov/Dec 2019 issue you've been hearing about:



Did you answer the call for Sept/Oct 2019 issue's order of glory:

The glory just can't be stopped in the July/August 2019 issue:

When it comes to glory, you could do a lot worse than May/June 2019:

March/April 2019 loves the glory like nothing else:

Jan/Feb 2019 is a new year of desperately-needed glory:

Nov/Dec 2018 is shivering, desperate glory:


Fall into the Sept/Oct 2018 glory:

Some hot summer July/August 2018 glory:

Bloom up some May/June 2018 glory:


Even rainy March/April 2018 issue has some glory:

Glory-likely issue is Jan/Feb 2018:

Nov/Dec 2017 is chock full o' xmas glory:

The Sept/Oct 2017 issue is the fiftieth glory-laden issue:

Glory in summer form, for the July/Aug 2017 issue:

May/June 2017 issue is glory-braised:

Springing for glory with the March/April 2017 issue:

Jan/Feb 2017 issue has no glory problems:

Glorious christmas came right on time (Nov/Dec 2016):

Glory for the fantastic fall follies (Sept/Oct 2016):

Hot as fuck summer glory (July/August 2016) is before you:

Late-spring glory (May/June 2016) is a sweat-free issue 42:

Glory means a little less at 41 (March/April 2016)? Nah:

Middle-aged glory, it's issue forty (Jan/Feb):

Thirty nine (Nov/Dec) is all about considering glory:

Thirty eight (Sept/Oct 2015) has hints of glory spilled throughout:

Thirty glory seven, the July/Aug 2015 issue:

Thirty six is gloriously 6 squared, which is the amount of pages in the May/June 2015 issue:

Thirty Five is right here, which is glory for March/April 2015:

Thirty four (Jan/Feb 2015) is a big pain in the glory:

Thirty three has all sorts of gloriful biblical references (Nov/Dec 2014):

Time for the Sept/Oct 2014 issue (32 for all those bean counters out there) to be glorily archived:

July/August 2014 (#31) is a callback to those Glory Days that the Boss sings about in that song...Streets of Fire:

May/June 2014 is issue thirty (and we're loving it because we've stopped looking in mirrors):

Twenty Nine (March/April 2014) and it's all about glory, glory, etc:

Twenty Eight (Jan/Feb 2014) in most of it's glory:

We won't claim that issue 27 (Nov/Dec 2013) is the greatest ever, so here it is:

26 has no significance whatsoever. Here is the issue associated with that void, empty number:

25th issue doesn't mean much to grizzled old 'net prospectors like us, but it's the July August one:

Wow, issue 24 (May/June 2013), which means four years. Glory and such:

There was some Jim Carey movie called 23. We never saw it. Here's March/April 2013, which is issue 23 (coincidence?):


They call this issue Number Twenty Two (Jan/Feb 2013), and they would be correct:

Twenty-First issue (Nov/Dec 2012), and all the drinking related jibes that comes with it:

Twentieth Issue (Sept/Oct 2012) because the third decade is the strongest:

Nineteenth Issue (July/August 2012) is ready for a nervous breakdown:

Eighteenth Issue (May/June 2012) is all grown up:

Seventeenth Issue (March/April 2012) is taking maybe for an answer:

Sixteenth Issue (Jan/Feb 2012) has a good feeling about this:

Fifteenth Issue (Nov/Dec) find lack of faith-ness disturbing:

Fourteenth Issue (Sept/Oct) lacks base-ness:

Thirteenth Issue (July/August 2011) is good luck:

Twelfth Issue (May/June 2011) is no fail, brah:

Eleventh issue (March/April 2011) here:

Ten is an overrated Pearl Jam Album, but Issue Ten (Jan/Feb 2011) is right here:

Number Nine Number Nine Number Nine...(Nov./Dec. 2010)

Eighth Issue (September/October 2010), with no glory reference:

Seventh Issue (July/August 2010) is a hell of a way to die (plus an 'l'):

Sixth Issue (May/June2010), glory, etc:

Fifth Issue (March/April 2010), all the glory, in 75% of the space:

Fourth Issue (Jan/Feb 2010), glory condensed:

Third Issue (Nov/Dec 2009), glory filled:

And here is the second issue (Sept/Oct 2009), in even better glory:


Here is the first issue (July/Aug 2009) in all its glory:




next time you want to think of something to be impressed about, think about the uniformity of shipping containers.