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Like the the large font says. It's some writings. Oldest to newest, so fresher stuff is at each section's bottom.


Short Stories

My Dinner with Evil

Floor Story

The Talking Duck

The Port in Tangier

Three Suns in the Sky

Steel, Girder and Glass

The Autopsy of Brilliance

Five Simple Dollars

Somewhere Between History and Memory


Machine Reflects

This Day in Heaven

London was Never Like This

The Light

The Edible Icon

Your Smoldering Now

Remember These Colours

Killin' Time

Crying Over Soiled Milk

Eyes in Your Salad

The Wart

Total Trash

Hidden Late Fees

Stacie's Coach Purse

The Desk's Return

Double Conscious Reinforcement

Burned Offerings

Who Would Steal a Broken Shovel?

The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Wins Again

Peeling Off Another

A Surgeon's Tale

Rebecca's Big Chance

Slow Poison

Shatterproof Wedding


Hideous Monster Sauce

In a Snowy Valley

Names, Dates, Receipts

The Trio of Lovely Young Girls


Little Green Wizard

Rain Dance Circles

A Lesson in Conversion

Inside the Orange Bear

Lost Between the Teeth

My Robot in the Cupboard

Hit the Plane Down

XD rest s

The Sometimes Machine

Last Pants

There I Was a Doctor

The Alarm Went off in December

Ruminations on Power and Cheap Chicken

Cheating in the Water

Living on the Takeout

Found in Translation

Other People's Restaurant Conversations

Dog Days



Fuck Civilization


Remember Me?

Jerry and the Tree

Movie Spotlight for 'Young Rump 6'

The Christmas Skit

Instruction Manual for The RG - 376 Instatel Adapter Brace

Just Scratching the Surface

The Doctor Was In

Two Skits About Doctors

A Halloween Skit

4 Animal Skits

4 Political Skits

A Decent Proposal with a Twist

4 Skits on Fascism

A Different Christmas Skit

The Slightly Rude Adventures of Diana the Moon Goddess and a Plastic Bag



Some of these are samples... email us with 'screenplays' as your subject and a good reason for us to send you additional pages/info.


Moving Day

A short film. Two guys try to move to a new apartment, but almost everything seems to go wrong. Christ, it sounds like a bad episode on a hack sitcom. We think it reads better than that, though...


The Very Worst Scam in the World

Four lovable losers try setting up a bank so they can eventually steal all the money deposited in the bank. By far the most commercial of the three, and yet we didn't feel like whores while writing it (this means it's either pretty good, or we're already accustomed to being whores). No real violence, no  real sex (but a love interest for the protagonist!), no drugs     (just drinking), and only mild cursing. And a happy ending to boot!


Teething Again

Four young men graduate from college and are thrust into the harsh world of sex, drugs, and unemployment. Is it possible to write a stoner comedy without a semen tasting gag? We've tried, lord, how we've tried...


The Wrong Floor

Some guy has a reason to go into an apartment building and it all starts to go wrong


Two People, One Sign

A self-explanatory exercise of sorts.


Coffee on the Tracks

A normal morning leads to an unsual interrogation.





Digital Poetry Book: Brief Tales of Compromised Solutions

Free Samples One

Free Samples Two


Brand Spankin' New Bits of Poetry

Brand Spankin' New Bits of Poetry, The Sequel!

Brand Spankin' New Bits of Poetry, Trilogy Edition!

Brandier, Spankier New Bits of Poetry!

20-ier, 14-ier, Spankier New Bits of Poetry!

Still that stinging spank of late summer 2014 new poetry!

Totality in Miniature (a long single piece thing)

It's never too late-ier in the year-ier for more poetry

Here's some Summer 2016 Poetry to get your mind off the news

Because the news has gotten worse since the post above, here's late 2016 Poetry-ness

Midsummer Mumblings, 2017-style

2017 ends with more Mumblings

Early 2020 Mumblings (it's been awhile)

have you had your latest celebrity gossip fix? It's like sniffin' industrial solvents...